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How it Works

iCAMPUS is a Campus Management System developed for educational institutes to help build customized ERM solutions for managing campus related day-to-day tasks efficiently. iCAMPUS has modules like campus, Learning, Human Resource, Financial and Inventory Management System.

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System for Campus Management

With the help of iCAMPUS, schools can automate their campus needs. This system is fully integrated, robust and provides online software solutions to enhance the quality of education and convey a global standard of teaching and learning environment where students can prosper and grow. 

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System for Learning Management

Teachers can plan their lessons using this module and convey them to students digitally. Teachers can  also use this module for student homework assigning, receiving and grading purposes. Through this parents can easily track their children progress and grades. 

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System for Human Resource Management

With iCAMPUS, Schools can manage teacher and faculty academic and professional data, along with scheduling their timetables, viewing workload, performance and research & development activities. 

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System for Finance Management

Schools can automate the fee collection process, generate digital fee receipts, calculate taxes, revise fee structures and notify parents online through iCAMPUS. Schools  can aslo track fee status for late submitted fees.

What We Do

It provides campuses with the ability to streamline their processes and make them manageable. Some of the following features of iCAMPUS can help you do that.

User Friendly Interface

We provide a simple interface that is easily understood and used by students, teachers, admin and parents.

Cloud Saving & Data Security

All  content of the campus management system is stored on the cloud to increase efficiency and make sure no data is lost forever.


iCAMPUS is accessible to you 24/7 irrespective of where you are. All you need is a mobile, laptop device and internet connection.






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Why Choose Us

iCAMPUS aims to bring about the much-needed revolution in the educational structure of the world. VIION Technology, under its umbrella, is home to many such organizations that are playing a pivotal role in helping shape up the global digital footprint.

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Who Can Use iCAMPUS

iCAMPUS is a multipurpose campus management system that aims toward enhancing the efficiency of educational institutes by making all campus operations digital and creating systems for managing them.


iCAMPUS is used by teachers to upload lectures, share timetables & study plans,  connect with students via ZOOM to conduct virtual classrooms, upload homework, upload grades etc.


iCAMPUS is used by students to check their attendance & homework updates, they can also check an issue book through their school’s online library, students can download lectures , upload solved assignments etc.


With iCAMPUS, parents will get fee alerts , track progress of their children, connect and communicate with teachers etc.

Admin Faculty

With iCAMPUS, admin can generate automatic student IDs and certification, customized students and other reports, manage online library, manage fee & inventory system etc