Attendance Management System:

  • Digital online attendance system, with live updates for parents through mobile app.
  • Teachers can easily mark the daily or subject-wise attendance.
  • Evaluate statistical attendance reports(averages, percentages, charts etc. ) for every student.
  • Parent’s alerts on short attendance through Mobile application.

Mobile Application:

  • iOS and Android apps developed for teachers, parents, iCAMPUS admin and school faculty to manage campus related tasks on the go.
  • Parents can receive their children’s school progress and fee challan notification and always stay updated.
  • Teachers, parents and students can check homework status, attendencde and pending task status through the app.

Fee Management System:

  • Generate digital fee challans, which will be delivered to parents through  the mobile app.
  • Hassle free fee collection and immediate records update.
  • Intelligent and real time financial reports based on fee collection.
  • Fee defaulters or fee dues can be viewed separately

Inventory Management System: 

  • Maintain a record of all the things required by school, all the things they have and all the things they spent money on.
  • Issue purchase requisitions digitally using iCAMPUS 
  • Register and manage vendors
  • Keep stock records updated and track usage

Income/ Expense Management System: 

  • With the school accounting software, all of your accounting needs will be met easily in one place.
  • Manage your income from fees or other sources.
  • Record and review your expenses
  • Another huge task is getting the salaries out, managing expenses, keeping the budget and book-keeping, etc.
  • With iCAMPUS you can reduce consumption of paper used to keep salary records

Front office Management System:

A reception is the place with the most amount of important stuff happening.With the cloud based management system, you can:

  • log in all the admission enquiries
  •  Record visitors and call log
  •  manage follow-ups and send notifications
  •  Record and manage complaints

Learning Management system:

  • With iCAMPUS you can manage courses, academic subjects, classes and batches as well.
  • You can keep the data of a certain subject’s academic session to provide access to all those who are involved for the academic year.
  • You can also manage daily classes, timetables and class schedules.
  • iCAMPUS makes it easy for teachers to Upload / Download student assignments, homework, worksheets etc.

Lesson Planning:

  • With iCAMPUS teachers can plan their sessions subject wise.
  • Assigning teachers to each class activity
  • Based on the class schedule school faculty can create and manage the Lesson plan for the whole academic year.
  • Follow up if the teachers are following the assigned lesson plan or not.

Examination Module:

  • A unique feature through which teachers can automate the Examination process.
  • School can creating  examination groups
  • Scheduling the examination and communicating with parents through the mobile app.
  • Designing and issuing the admit card.
  • Designing and issuing the marks sheet.
  • Devising the grading policy

Human Resource Management: 

An Automated employee resource management system. Which can take care of following operations:

  • Employee Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Leaves Management
  • Automated Attendance
  • Employee Rating
  • Appraisal management

Efficient Communication:

  • You can send notifications, circulars and alerts to students, parents and teachers.
  • Academic alerts, such as topic completion, examination schedules will be delivered instantly.
  •  Teachers can also directly communicate with parents of all or selected students.
  • Online PTM can also be conducted.

Online Library Management :

  • Library staff can maintain all the books database.
  • Book banks management will help staff and students to efficiently use resources.
  • An automated library membership management system. Automate process of providing library membership
  • Book circulations and intelligent reports on overall Library activities.

Intelligence Reports:

For all the integrated modules, users can generate customized reports. Such As:

  • Student reports
  • Financial reports
  • Attendance reports
  • Examination summary
  • Inventory reports
  • User logs
  • Reports of Library activities
  • Human resource reports

Automated ID cards and Certificates:

  • With iCAMPUS  you can automatically issue all required IDs, Admit Cards, School certificates and any other required documentation. 
  • All ID’s are based on Student Data, no need to double the work.
  • All the student documents stored just one  click away.